Minamata Virtual Gallery


Nearly 50 years after Eugene Smith first stepped foot into the Japanese town of Minamata, the late photographer’s legacy continues to shed light on the power of photojournalism. His work with Life Magazine acted as a catalyst for social change, and today it becomes the focal point of a cinematic and virtual experience. 

To highlight the stories told through the lenses of Eugene Smith, a gallery of his most compelling work will be displayed through an online Virtual Exhibition as a companion piece to the film’s release. 
The online collection will feature original photographs from Eugene and Aileen Smith’s personal archive, exclusive behind the scene stills from the film, set- photography shot by filmmaker Andrew Levitas and stills photographer Larry Horricks. The exhibition also houses Metalwork Sculptures built by artist/director Levitas as a representational culmination of the “Let Truth be the Prejudice” project which debuted earlier this year at the Goulandris Museum and will continue its institutional journey around the world through 2023.
This specialty exhibit also features a re-creation and creative take on Eugene’s NYC loft workshop with behind the scenes footage and props from the film as well as informational galleries on Minamata and industrial pollution more generally.